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Rudolf von Stokar ist 'person of the week' at Metalface

Meet this week`s person from Reco-E in Germany.

Please provide us with a short story about the history or background of your company.

For the past 30 years, not much has changed to the process of recycling electronic waste. All the electrics and electronics are sent to a big cruncher and burnt with an extremely hot flame. Using an electrolysis Gold, Copper and other metals are recycled. The energy waste during this process is very high and the output is comparably low. Furthermore, most of the material is lost like rare earth or Tantal and Rhodium. We at Reco-E have created a biological approach for recycling electronic waste. We don’t use chemicals or fire, only materials that are totally harmless. We also don’t produce any waste; we recycle to 100%. What comes in, we can sell.

We have spent 13 years of research to optimize this process and now have extremely good results, almost all the material that is in the electronic boards can be recycled and put back into the circle of resources including rare earth, even Osmium and Iridium.

We can produce 99,99% clean copper (as pellets), gold and platinum in 99,99% purity as well. As we don’t use fire even the plastic is usable again.

Could you tell us something about the biological processing technology you use?
Biological approach: we don’t use chemicals or fire, only materials that are totally harmless. It is like a recipe for a cake. If you put all the ingredients in the right order and in the right amount put the temperature right, the cake will be perfect. This is also a disadvantage of the system. We must know the consistency of the incoming material as all pieces play an active role in the process of recycling. No chemicals are there to aggressively catch the gold, but merely a slow flowing process that takes the gold slowly but safely from the board.

What is the biggest challenge of your company?
At first, it was getting all the permission necessary to start our company, then we couldn’t find the right hall or landlord that would allow our production there. Then the administrative district office (LRA) didn’t give their permission. So, we were constantly moving stuff from left to right. Surprisingly for us, it also was a challenge getting the electronic waste.

Are you doing business outside of Germany as well?
We have partners and customers in Europe, Asia and Africa

What is the biggest strength of your company?
No chemicals
No burning
Zero emission
Zero waste
All 17 Rare Earth, Osmium, Iridium, Tantal, Rhodium are recycled

Reco-E ist 'Company of the week' auf Metalface

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